Pay Per Call Network

This is the flagship product and core of our business.  This multi channel platform is comprised of radio, TV, print, internet, mobile, and call center affiliates.  With the reach of tens of millions of consumers, this platform allows advertisers to use their brand and their message to promote their offer directing interested individuals to call them directly for both leads and sales of their products and/or services.

Online Lead Generation

With a massive network of direct publisher relationships as well as consistent working relationships with the major CPA networks, Performance Media Strategies provides outsourced management for advertisers seeking performance based media placement.

Media Planning & Buying

We are not all things to all people. We are direct response marketers first and foremost. By combining direct marketing techniques with online media and communication channels we are responsible for providing profitable results to our clients. With over 12 years of hands on experience we provide knowledge and history working with all the major portals, ad networks, cutting edge technologies, innovative and creative thinking with a commitment to delivering the results our clients demand of us.

Business Development

Over the years we have developed a broad reach of content providers and deep relationships with ISP’s, Portals and destination sites. As clients have multiple marketing needs that go beyond the traditional advertising campaign, we have worked with various advertisers by integrating their product/service into the content of an online media vehicle. This strategy and tactic stays within our “performance” model and has yielded tremendous results in accountable business for some of our clients.

Email List Management

Through our partnership with a leading email database technology provider we provide a complete suite of industry leading tools and services to deliver successful campaigns for our partners.
You spend money to bring in leads.  The ones that do not convert represent lost marketing dollars. Enter list management.  By utilizing our list management service, you create a new stream of revenue using your existing leads and customers.  Anyone in your database, whether they have already converted or not, can be turned into positive revenue.
Communicating with clients is the most essential part of any business and should be handled with care in the email space. Every client has a unique personality and different requirements for both communication types and frequency.
Performance Media Strategies gives you the tools to treat each customer as an individual, delivering your personalized message without the time consuming demands on your workforce.

Search Engine Marketing

Whether it’s Paid Inclusion or PPC Management, we offer this service on a performance basis through our affiliate relationships with lead search marketers in the nation.

Client Representation

Not being your typical agency, Performance Media Strategies has helped numerous companies roll out their product/service to the marketplace by representing their products to both the B2B and B2C space.

Call Transfer

Over the years our clients have commented how well online lead generation works in getting someone to "raise their hand" with interest, but the one challenge that remains a constant is the ability to get that person on the telephone. Performance Media Strategies manages multiple lead generation programs that deliver the lead directly to the advertisers inbound call center.

These leads provide the greatest value of all media placement since they put the buyer and seller together in real time.


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